Spotlight Series: How does the Storey design offer work?

Karoline Baumer 16 Mar 2022

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Flexible office space: your guide to managed and serviced offices

Offices have changed. Two years on from the first signs of a global pandemic, the way we work has, for many, altered considerably. The role of the office has shifted to reflect these new working patterns. As a result, leasing terms have become more flexible, more adaptable and more resilient to change. 

What is a service philosophy and why does your business need one?

Our Storey team is leading the way in innovating for our customers through our service philosophy, and we want to help you do the same when navigating in a post-pandemic world.

Storey Club: Meeting room and event space

Storey customers have the advantage of being able to enjoy campus life at Broadgate, Paddington Central and Regent’s Place – with easy access to a mixture of great restaurants, bars and shops at their fingertips.