Introducing 6 Orsman Road

Storey 20 Feb 2020

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How we designed Storey Club

At Gensler, we believe that design is transformative. We take a collaborative approach to design that blends our years of expertise with the specific needs of each and every project.

Modern design, informed by heritage

Arthur Sanderson & Sons Wallpaper Company designed the building at 19 Wells Street in 1929 to house their design studio, and to support the nearby Berners Street showroom, located where the Sanderson Hotel now sits. We were delighted to be reminded of our heritage with the launch of Storey’s new office space at 19 Wells Street, which incorporates beautiful design – both past and present. This sentiment resonates with us at Sanderson, where our designs are informed by our heritage yet designed for modern living.

The power of a well-designed workplace to support productivity

The stereotypical office – from the flickering fluorescents to the uniform rows of plastic, coffee-stained desks – hardly inspires creativity. However, the inverse is also true: a thoughtfully designed workplace can empower employees to focus, innovate, and do their best work.