Modern design, informed by heritage

Rebecca Craig, Head of the Sanderson Studio 07 Jan 2020

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The power of a well-designed workplace to support productivity

The stereotypical office – from the flickering fluorescents to the uniform rows of plastic, coffee-stained desks – hardly inspires creativity. However, the inverse is also true: a thoughtfully designed workplace can empower employees to focus, innovate, and do their best work.

Building a community using nature

James Fox, from FFLO Landscapes, talks about how they created the terrace at 6 Orsman Road to promote an interaction with nature in the work environment.

Introducing 6 Orsman Road

Welcome to our newest Storey, at 6 Orsman Road, in the heart of Haggerston’s creative hub. Comprising 34,000 sq. ft. spread across five floors, the building is pioneering sustainable materials for flexible offices.